Kristin Damrow & Company


Ongoing class schedule

Advanced  Contemporary
Mondays 10:00-11:30pm ODC Dance Commons
Class Schedule

Intermediate Contemporary
Saturdays 10:30-12pm Dance Mission Theater
Class Schedule

Beginning Contemporary
Saturdays 12:15-2pm ODC Dance Commons
Class Schedule

"In class I want to explore the physical composition of the body and how it translates to contemporary movement. How can our bones help move us through space? How can we turn off the muscles we don’t need to use the weight of the body to build momentum? I want to explore paring precision with abandonment. I want to discover how to use the body as a tool to move, to dig deeper into the rigor of contemporary technique. "

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"Class was full-bodied, exploring through-line and momentum, and broken down in a way that allowed me to successfully understand the connections between the different moments in the phrase-work – phrases which were filled with powerful movement that defied gravity and then allowed me to yield back into the floor in a satisfying way." -Nichele Van Portfleet, Advanced Contemporary

"Kristin's class makes me feel like a superhero! It's creatively sequenced, challenging, and satisfying. A safe and supportive environment that's perfect for professional dancers and novices alike." -Anna Greenberg, Intermediate Contemporary

"As a complete beginner, the dance floor is daunting. My heart raced when I think about the steps, the turns, and my ungraceful movements. Through Kristin I rediscovered my kinesthetic abilities along with a fun, artistic experience. I learned to use my entire body to push and pull through space and move on and off the floor in all dimensions. Kristin creates a safe and respectful space for all dancers. Her class is exuberant with energy and expression. She breaks down techniques and movement phrases at an easy pace to learn.  I appreciate her clear, un-intimidating feedback that allows me to continue enjoy learning and dancing."  –Ellie Hu, Beginning Contemporary