Ongoing class schedule

Advanced  Contemporary
Mondays 10:00-11:30pm ODC Dance Commons
Class Schedule

Intermediate Contemporary
Saturdays 10:30-12pm Dance Mission Theater
Class Schedule

Beginning Contemporary
Saturdays 12:15-2pm ODC Dance Commons
Class Schedule


Kristin’s class is a highly physical and rigorous exploration of contemporary technique. Class will begin with a meditative body scan and improvisation exercises; first finding articulation of the spine, pelvis, and torso bringing focus to the alignment of the body, then moving with ease and dynamic energy. Large energetic phrase work will have a constant play with gravity; going in and out of the floor, upside down and traveling though the space with fierce abandonment. 


"Class was full-bodied, exploring through-line and momentum, and broken down in a way that allowed me to successfully understand the connections between the different moments in the phrase-work – phrases which were filled with powerful movement that defied gravity and then allowed me to yield back into the floor in a satisfying way." -Nichele Van Portfleet, Advanced Contemporary

"Kristin's class makes me feel like a superhero! It's creatively sequenced, challenging, and satisfying. A safe and supportive environment that's perfect for professional dancers and novices alike." -Anna Greenberg, Intermediate Contemporary

"As a complete beginner, the dance floor is daunting. My heart raced when I think about the steps, the turns, and my ungraceful movements. Through Kristin I rediscovered my kinesthetic abilities along with a fun, artistic experience. I learned to use my entire body to push and pull through space and move on and off the floor in all dimensions. Kristin creates a safe and respectful space for all dancers. Her class is exuberant with energy and expression. She breaks down techniques and movement phrases at an easy pace to learn.  I appreciate her clear, un-intimidating feedback that allows me to continue enjoy learning and dancing."  –Ellie Hu, Beginning Contemporary